Accomodation in Gütersloh - house rules

Dear guests,
so that all guests can feel welcomed, some rules are to be obeyed, which will be described in the following. With the reservation of your stay you have already accepted these house rules, we ask you now again for knowledge and observance.

1.) The respective room fee is to be paid to the pension by the 4th of a month in advance, either in cash or by bank transfer, unless otherwise agreed with the pension.
The stay of third parties in the pension, especially overnight, is not allowed or must be previously agreed with the pension.

2.) Smoking inside the whole building is prohibited.
Please smoke outside the front door.
Due to fire regulations, there are smoke detectors in all rooms.
Should a smoke detector go off unscheduled and the fire brigade and other emergency services arrive, the guest who is responsible for setting off the smoke detector will be charged in full for the cost of the fire brigade call-out (approx.
Min. €1750)

3.) Escape routes/emergency exits: If the staircase is inaccessible in the event of a fire, please use the exit via the balconies. If this is also inaccessible, please remain in your room, close the door (do not lock it!) and make yourself known at the open window.

4.) For safety reasons, the front door on the ground floor must be kept closed at all times.
Blocking and wedging is not permitted.
The front door must always be closed quietly!
Slamming the door is completely unnecessary and disturbs the peace, thus harming the other residents of the house.

5.) In order to prevent mould infestation in the rooms, no laundry may be washed or dried in the rooms.
For the drying of the laundry there is a dryer as well as the left cellar room with clotheslines available.

6.) In order to save energy and heating costs, the rooms, the bathroom and the kitchen are to be ventilated regularly during the heating period, at least twice a day for 2-3 minutes. Otherwise, keep the windows closed during the heating period (October to April).
Leaving windows tilted for hours is prohibited.
Should the guesthouse notice that a guest repeatedly wastes unnecessary energy by incorrect ventilation, the monthly room fee may be raised at any time.

7.) After the shower:

Please strip the wall tiles, the window sill (ground floor bathrooms) and the glass walls (upper floor bathrooms) with the cleaning device.
It only takes a few seconds, but it saves a lot of energy and detergent!  

Please open the shower curtain halfway so that the curtain and the room can dry.

During the heating period (see also point 6), please open the window fully for 3-4 minutes so that the humid air is exchanged.

8.) Night rest is between 22:00 in the evening and 6:00 in the morning.
This means muted room noise in all rooms, hallways, stairwell and kitchen.

9.) The rooms can be cleaned weekly and the towels are changed.
Rooms will be cleaned and towels changed weekly upon request.
If the guest does not want to do the room cleaning himself, he has to arrange the room cleaning with the guesthouse. Each cleaning will be charged extra. Please contact us.

If the room is not cleared of personal belongings, the guesthouse will not clean the room, i.e. all areas of the room that have not been cleared will not be cleaned.

Bed linen is provided for exchange every 14 days.

10.) The room and kitchen areas must be vacated by 10:00 am on the day of departure, unless another departure time has been arranged with the guesthouse.

11.) The guesthouse cannot accept any liability for the loss of valuables (especially jewellery and cash).
The safekeeping of wardrobe, equipment brought along, musical instruments and the like is also the exclusive responsibility of the guest.

12.) WLAN is available to the guests.
Upon request you will receive the access code. Of course, the use of illegal content is prohibited.

13.) A television with selected programs is available to the guests of the pension.

14.) Kitchen:
Anyone using the kitchen will clean all used items, dry and clean up immediately after use so that other guests can fully use the kitchen again immediately afterwards.

Cooking, dishwashing and drying in the kitchen must be completely finished by 10pm! Please time your kitchen use accordingly.
In cupboards above the sink or next to the dining table a well as in the refrigator, each guest or room has its own area for storing food.
This area must be kept to at all costs.
If there is not enough space, the guesthouse must be contacted to find a solution together.
Any items stored outside of these designated areas may be freely used or removed by third parties.

Each guest must clean their area in the cupboards and fridge once a week.
If this is not done, the boarding house, as the operator of the cupboards and fridge, is entitled to empty and clean the area there that has not been cleaned, in order to fulfil its obligations with regard to hygiene. In case of repeated neglect of the areas by the guest, the guesthouse will charge the guest for cleaning.

Food that is still good does not have to be disposed of: Please place them in the "free food" box.

All food inside this box can be used by every guest.

15.) Garbage:

Garbage disposal is very expensive, therefore garbage must be separated correctly.
In principle, a distinction is made between paper, compost, plastics and residual waste.
Please tear paper boxes small so that the paper bin is not immediately full.

16.) Washing machine and dryer:
Use of the washer and dryer must be completely finished by 10 pm!
Please time your use accordingly, and please plan the use with the other guests.

Ideally, these two appliances should be operated during the day in order to use the energy available during the day from the solar system in an environmentally friendly manner.

Each washing cycle costs about EU 3,- (as of Nov. 22), so please wash as much as possible at once.
You are very welcome to share a wash with a flatmate to save costs and energy.

For the drying of the laundry there is a dryer as well as the left cellar room with clotheslines available.

Washing powder etc. has to be provided by yourself.

17.) The guesthouse is entitled to terminate the accommodation contract with immediate effect (also after occupation of the room) as well as to expel the guest from the house in exercise of the house rules, if the guest harms the reputation, hygiene or safety of the guesthouse or that of other guests (e.g. by smoking inside the building or by unnecessary noise), is suspected of committing criminal offences or harasses, repeatedly disturbs or disturbs other guests.